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The benefits of medical sheepskin: top reasons to try it for yourself

You may have heard the term 'medical sheepskin' when looking for a solution to a problem or when browsing sheepskin products online; but why do people buy these, and what are the benefits?

I'm often asked to advise on the best sheepskin for the elderly and infirm and always send the inquirer to our Medical Sheepskins.

Medical sheepskins are specifically designed for the purpose; they are a high density pelt with the wool clipped to a regimented length to give the best support. They help guard against pressure sores, aid the healing of ulcers, are hypoallergenic and reduce allergy risk, are temperature regulating, dirt, water and flame resistant.

And if that isn't enough - they are of course a naturally comforting material that is easily portable.

What is a medical sheepskin?

A Medical sheepskin is a type of sheepskin that provides superior pressure care support and has been used for century's to guard against and aid the heeling of pressure sores, aid comfort of those with disability, mobility issues and the bed ridden.

Medical grade sheepskin is typically made from a particularly large skin that has a high wool fibre count and density, and has been clipped to the same length to ensure that it is supportive and comfortable.

Unlike your standard sheepskin, these skins undergo a special longer tanning process which enables them to be machine washed frequently.

What are the benefits of a medical sheepskin?

As I've mentioned, medical sheepskins come with plenty of benefits. Here I've explained a little more about each.

Temperature regulation

The natural temperature regulating properties of wool help to keep an individual warm without overheating; nature's answer to a thermostat! Medical sheepskin manages this via hollow fibres that allow air to circulate through the wool, making it breathable.

Reduces excess moisture

A good quality medical sheepskin will have the ability to wick away a third of its own weight in moisture before dampness is felt. That paired with the sheepskin's ability to manage airflow via its hollow fibres reduces the amount of moisture collecting on your skin. This works to stop you overheating or sweating and aids in a more comfortable rest, as well as reduction in skin inflammation.

Improves blood circulation

The sheepskin is made from a particularly large pelt with a high wool fibre count. The wool pile is clipped to approximate 1” (26mm) with a high density of wool pile per square cm and higher fibre diameter (higher micron rating). A higher pile density means better pressure support. Higher wool pile diameter means the pile will not depress as easily enabling airflow and temperature regulation that aids blood circulation.


The thickness and density of medical sheepskin helps to distribute pressure evenly, making it very comfortable and supportive to the body. This even distribution of pressure also helps to prevent bedsores.


Medical sheepskins are incredibly versatile due to the fact that they are both portable and washable.

Not only can they be used on the bed or chair at home (great on your favourite reading chair!), but they are also fabulous for babies, on the nursery floor or nursing chair. They travel well which is very useful for wheelchair users and anyone who may have a few health issues travelling abroad.

Not to mention that they are also great for the ageing or invalid pet!

Here at The Fabulous Fleece Company we have the standard size and extra large of medical sheepskins but can can also stitch bespoke orders. We often stitch two, three or even four together to cover mattresses and sofas.

Highly durable

A good quality sheepskin, if looked after correctly in line with the care instructions, will last you years. Its always important to buy the best quality you can; they are an organic product and if the tanning process was shortened or applied incorrectly they will start to break down. As a rule of thumb with medical sheepskins, the fleece should be exceptionally dense and an inch in height, and the skin itself should be thick and supple.

When washing and drying a skin you should always keep heat away from it in the washing and drying process, so use a wool wash or wool-skin and line dry on a sunny day.

If you think you or a family member would benefit from some of the fantastic properties of medical grade sheepskin, do take a look at our products at The Fabulous Fleece Company. Our Medical Sheepskins have many natural health benefits - providing support for pressure points and achy limbs, regulating your body temperature to improve circulation, plus being kind to skin and bacteria repellent. They can help promote more restful sleep, offer comfort to you, to infants, to those with health challenges, and even to your well loved family pet.

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