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Sheepskins and sofas - the perfect partners

Nina Holst @

There are plenty of places - and uses - around the home for a sheepskin, but your sofa has to be one of the best. With the sofa being the natural place you really relax when you're at home during waking hours, the sheepskin really ups the comfort factor when you can enjoy its beautifully thick and soft texture.

In this sofa and sheepskin guide, we cover the different ways you style your sofa to include a sheepskin: What interior styles do sheepskins works with, what hues to choose and where to place your sheepskin... plus lots of pictures of stylish, sheepskin-adorned living rooms to inspire you.

Fitting with your style

The best thing about buying a sheepskin for your sofa is that it works with a range of interior decor schemes - whether it's Scandi style or monochrome minimalism, the industrial look, bohemian chic, or rustic country.

Below, this natural sheepskin works will with the warm tones of the wood shelving and exposed brick wall in this industrial look living space.

Choose your hues

To really integrate into your room scheme, pick out a sheepskin in hues that echo the colour palette you already have.

In a Scandi style scheme, with a lot of pale wood and monochrome colours, go for a fleece that is either light or white, has a range of greys or choose one in bold black.

In a living room with industrial style touches, a rare breed sheepskin feature a range of creams and browns would look great with brown leather. There are likely to be warmer tones of cream and brown in a rustic look.

Then either use the sheepskin when layering up similar colours together on the sofa or place on a sofa that's a completely contrasting colour.


Placing a sheepskin on a contrasting coloured sofa can look great - such a light long-haired Icelandic on a grey sofa, like the picture below.

We're also a big fan of the striking contrast created when a light coloured sheepskin is placed on a tan or dark brown leather sofa.


Alternatively, use a sheepskin when layering up similar colours together on the sofa with other cushion and throws. For great examples, see the images below with this combination of light neutrals on the sofa to the left and shades of grey in this Danish living room to the right.

1. Denise Keus - Casa El Campo for Pure & Original 2.

1. Denise Keus - Casa El Campo for Pure & Original 2.

Pick your placement

There's a choice of great ways to place a sheepskin on your sofa depending on your preference and usage.


Placing on the seat pad itself means when you sit down, the fleece adds extra cushioning plus you can run your hands through the soft texture either side.

Choose a larger sheepskin or end-to-end double to spread across more than one sofa cushion pads or place a smaller fleece on just one seat.


If looking for comfort across the back, head and neck then drape your a sheepskin across the back of the sofa. It adds softness when you lean back plus makes the fleece more prominent feature of your living room to admire when you're not sitting in it.

Again an end-to-end double sheepskin is great choice for this use, especially if you have a longer sofa. Otherwise a large or extra large fleece would give you ample coverage.


If you tend to gravitate to one end of the sofa, towards the light of a lamp, the warmth of the fire or a better view of the television, then nestle your sheepskin into one corner so it's partially across the back and seat cover (like the image of the tan leather sofa shown earlier)

Draping your sheepskin over on arm of the sofa is another popular choice, like in this picture below.


Modular sofas that have a chaise longue type day bed on one end are becoming ever more popular and these are also great places to drape a sheepskin.

Share your 'sofie'

You've heard of taking selfies with your phone. Home interior fans may have also heard of 'shelfies' - sharing a picture of your beautifully arranged shelves to share on social media. Well we are asking you to share your sheepskin 'sofie' - a picture of your sofa with your lovely sheepskin draped over it!

Here are some of the lovely 'sofies' that our Fab Fleece Fans have sent us so far...First up is Jane's rare breed quad sheepskin on her gorgeous brown Chesterfield sofa.

In the pic below, Imogen Thomas has nestled our rare breed sheepskin into one corner of her grey sofa that looks fab in her Scandi style living room.

And here's Susan Wilcock's Rare Breed sheepskin looking fabulous draped over the back of here sofa.

We'd love to add your 'sofie' to our gallery of Fab Fleece Fans so do send us your pics! For more visual inspiration, visit our Pinterest board: Sheepskins and sofas

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