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Why sheepskins are great for babies and kids

Babies, toddlers and young children love to seek out comfort, whether it’s a hug from their parents or snuggling up to their favourite soft blanket. So the tactile and supportive nature of sheepskin makes it a very appealing material for little ones to use and enjoy as they grow.

Practicality is always a primary concern when considering any item for your child. So sheepskins’ practical qualities such as aiding temperature regulation, being dirt resistant, flame resistant and even reducing the risk of children developing allergies - are very useful too.

Then there’s the aesthetic appeal, making sheepskins are a great addition to a baby’s nursery, a child’s playroom or bedroom.

So below is a more in-depth guide of the various ways sheepskins are great for babies and children, with some visual inspiration of where to place and how to use the fleeces.

Sheepskin is hypoallergenic and can reduce allergy risk

German researchers found babies who were came into contact with animal skins like sheepskin, in their first three months of life were much less likely to develop asthma and allergies by the time they were 10 years old.

The theory is that the microbes found in animal skin could help protect against asthma and allergies by strengthening the immune system.

Sheepskin is also gentle on your baby’s skin - due to its lanolin content - and may help heal sensitive or inflamed skin or rashes.

Sheepskins are temperature regulating

The natural temperature regulating properties of wool helps your little one to stay at the right temperature. This quality is especially helpful for newborn babies - especially those who are premature or have low birth weight - as they cannot yet regulate their own temperature.

Sheepskin's breathability naturally assists in regulating heat and moisture, keeping your baby warm and snug when the weather’s cool and comfortably dry when it’s hot.

That’s why using a sheepskin to line a buggy or pushchair is such a good choice to keep baby comfortable when out and about in all weathers.

Sheepskins are dirt, water and flame resistant

Sheepskin is naturally anti-bacterial and has self cleaning powers by retaining a natural oil called lanolin, which that resists dirt and grease. Of wool’s three layers, the second has tiny overlapping scales that rub against each other to push off the dirt.

The third layer is a protective filmy skin that helps to resist water. The core of each wool fiber - which contains a protein called keratin - can absorb 30% of its weight in moisture vapour without the sheepskin getting or feeling damp.

Unlike synthetic fibres like polar fleece made from petrochemicals, sheepskin is also more breathable (so it gets less clammy and smelly) plus its naturally flame retardant and resistant to static electricity.

Once you do need to wash it, you easily can in the machine or by hand. Just be sure to follow our care tips here on how to keep it your fleece in tip-top condition.

Sheepskin is a naturally comforting material

A woolly fleece is very tactile and flexible, being so soft to touch and is also very supportive and cushioning. So it can create a snug and soothing cocoon-like environment to help your little one feel more safe, secure and relaxed.

Sheepskins are easily portable

With any comforting item that your baby or child is attached to, you’ll want to take it with you wherever possible to recreate a familiar environment. So it’s great that sheepskin rugs are so easy to transport between a cot and playroom, to use in your car, or to take away on holiday to provide reassuring comfort.

Inspiration for how to use sheepskins for babies and children

Now we've covered the various benefits of sheepskins for little ones, here are some lovely ideas for different places you can use fleeces...

Sheepskins are a soft surface for both rest and play, whatever the child’s age. The silky, malleable texture is great for babies and toddlers to explore and also rest upon - as a mat for when using their play gym, for example.

For older children who love sprawling on floors sheepskin rugs can provide a softer surface to relax upon, while playing or reading.

Image credit:

Add natural tones to a nursery

Whether you opt for a more neutral coloured nursery, or something more gender specific, sheepskins come in a range of tones the light creams and greys that fit well with most decor schemes. The texture also adds softness which really suits the nursery environment.

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Give extra cushioning to a nursing chair

When parents need somewhere comfortable to sit and feed their baby - especially for those lengthy or frequent night feeds - a sheepskin is a great way to soften the surface of a nursing chair.

Image credit: Rock My Style -

Make a cosy reading nook

Along with some cushions and a selection of your child’s favourite story books nearby, a sheepskin rug is all you need to make a welcoming reading nook in a corner of their bedroom.

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Use as flooring for a teepee

If you are browsing Pinterest for kids bedroom decor ideas, you are sure to have come across plenty of inspiring images featuring a canvas teepee style play tent. Here, sheepskins on the floor inside make these little dens even more appealing as hideaways.

Image credit:

Create a rocking sheep

Perhaps one of our favourite ways to introduce a sheepskin into a child's life is to make a fun play thing with it - a rocking sheep! A great alternative to a rocking horse, with the added tactile appeal that sheepskin can give.

We so love this idea and a few of our customers have actually done it - see Fab Fleece Fan Alice Sharple's pic below right. Isn't the final result fabulous?!!

Recommended sheepskins for children

If looking for advice on what specific sheepskin from our range to purchase for a baby or child, we would firstly recommend the white medical sheepskin. The fleece is shorn to the ideal length to be springy and supportive and is tanned using a eco-friendly, baby-safe method.

Due to their smaller size, our Lambskin Rugs are also great for little ones. Other possible options to consider would be our classic, bestselling fleeces such as Natural Cream Sheepskin Rug or the Individual Rare Breed Sheepskin.

Whatever one you choose and however its used, children are sure to get lots of comfort and enjoyment from a fleece over many years.

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