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Buyers guide to sheepskins

Jacob Sheepskin

Jacobs are a rare breed, small horned sheep with a distinctive spotted fleece.

The fleece is soft, springy and open and the irregular spots make each fleece unique and full of character. Read more

Herdwick Sheepskin

The Herdwick is a traditional breed of hardy domestic sheep native to the Lake District. Their fleece features a distinctive colour of purpley grey, along with cream and brown. Read more

Icelandic Sheepskin

Icelandic Sheep are one of the oldest, purest breeds of domestic sheep in the world.

Their long-haired fleece is soft and lustrous, making it one of the most luxurious and sought-after sheepskins around. Read more

Medical Sheepskin

These are the classic natural cream sheepskins shorn to an ideal length to be springy and supportive.

This makes them particularly useful for babies or the less-mobile. Read more

Natural Cream Sheepskin

Sourced from a variety of meat sheep, such as Cambridge or Hampshire breeds. These are larger, thicker and woolier fleeces, with a springy texture.

Its a versatile sheepskin suitable for a variety of uses. Read more

Buyers guide to other animal hides

Antelope Hide

Blesbok, Impala (above) and Springbok are from a hotter climate so are more delicate skins.
The fine straight hairs are very smooth, silky and glossy. Read more


Cowhide is extremely durable and renowned for its toughness, so it makes a very practical and hard wearing rug.

We source our hides from South America, home to supple, silky and well-tanned skins. Read more

Goat Skin

These are lightweight and flexible hides with fabulous markings.

Goat skins have a silky outer hair, with a fine, velvety under wool which is also used to make the famously soft ‘cashmere’. Read more

Reindeer Hide

Reindeer have a dual-coated hide, with longer outer hairs and dense under fur to give a gorgeously thick and velvety soft feel.

Sourced from herders in Lapland, the hides are naturally waterproof so good for al fresco use. Read more

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